Coaches and players suspended after 'brawl' at at Tiffany Hills tournament

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KANSAS CITY - Coaches, parents and players from the 13-year-old KC Barnstormers and the KC Bulldogs were suspended Tuesday for a fight during a game on April 1.
Police responded to report of a fight between 20 coaches and parents at Tiffany Hills Sports Complex that Sunday evening.
Police said several obscenities and insults had been exchanged between the teams throughout the game.
According to the police report, when KC Barnstormers manager Michael Giannola requested the umpire to warn the KC Bulldogs' coaching staff for its inappropriate behavior, a fight ensued.

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I saw this the other day as a friend thought my nephew (12 year old team) was part of it.  Pretty sad really, the whole thing.   I first thought to myself, how in the world could this happen at a youth baseball game, but then thought of some of things that I have witnessed and been a part of and I guess it could go pretty quick.  Bad ending for all involved
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