Add Velocity and Control with 6 year Professional Pitcher Keith Picht

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Having played baseball my whole life, including 6 years professionally, I have come to the understanding that the key to velocity and control as a pitcher all starts with clean mechanics. Being able to repeat mechanics that are smooth allows the pitcher to be able to transfer the energy and power they generate through each pitch as well as allowing better command in the zone. I have worked with many youth pitchers in developing clean mechanics which in turn increased velocity and control.

I have played at 3 different levels of college baseball, as well as 6 years professionally, including the Kansas City T-Bones back in 2013. My passion is to work with and teach pitchers of all ages and experience to prepare them to have success on the field. My goal is to teach command of all pitches by creating proper arm action and mechanics.

My availability is Monday Through Friday at Kansas City Sports Club starting at 3pm.
Call me at 913-381-5272 (Kansas City Sports Club) or

Coach Keith Picht
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