Keith Picht Pitching/Hitting/Fielding Lessons

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Keith Picht Pitching/Hitting/Fielding Lessons
« on: September 17, 2018, 01:53:47 PM »
Coach Keith Picht is back from his season with the Sioux City Explorers and returns to Kansas City Sports Club as an all skills instructor! Keith is currently taking on new clients for baseball pitching, fielding, and hitting lessons. Keith is very dedicated to teaching the proper mechanics, skills, and IQ to make any player of any age successful on the baseball diamond. Keith has been coaching during the offseason in Kansas the last 3 seasons. He recently returned from his career as a pitcher and wants to help anyone who is interested improve their skills!

To schedule a lesson with Keith, please contact Kansas City Sports Club at 913-381-5272.

Lessons: $55 per half hour
5 pack lessons: $250
10 pack lessons: $450

Keith is available to answer any questions in regards to your sons specific training regime or baseball questions in general by emailing him at or tweeting him at @CoachKPicht