The Battlefields Baseball Complex (Oklahoma City)

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The Battlefields Baseball Complex (Oklahoma City)
« on: December 02, 2016, 06:34:18 PM »

COACHES, we would like to invite you all to The Battlefields Sports Complex this Spring 2017 season. All of our spring 2017 tournaments are now posted on the website at WWW.THEBATTLEFIELDS.NET

If you sign up for a tournament before January 1st you get $25 off your entry!


5U -
6U -
7U -
8U -
9U -
10U -
11U -
12U -
13U -
14U -

I am also looking for a tournament director in the Kansas and Missouri areas.  If you are interested in making a little extra money on weekends please give me a call.  

Bryan Pride
Director of Baseball Operations
The Battlefields
The Armory at The Battlefields.

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Re: The Battlefields Baseball Complex (Oklahoma City)
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Starting today Friday December 16th - Saturday December 18th, Team registration for spring 2017 tournaments are FREE!!!!!  This only happens once a year and ends at midnight Monday morning.