Bad Umps

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Bad Umps
« on: May 07, 2015, 07:35:16 AM »
What do you do, as a coach, when you have a bad ump?  Do you argue balls/strikes?  Do you argue blown calls in the field?  Do you just shrug it off and let the boys play?  If you do shrug it off, for how long?  One bad call?  Two bad calls?  Do you complain to the Field Manager?  Do you complain to the League Manager?  I am sure we have all been there and I think there is a line between standing up for the boys and being a jackass, but where is that line?


Re: Bad Umps
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2015, 12:33:20 PM »
I think that you as a coach set the tone for the game to your players and parents.  If they see you blow up on the umpires, then they will most likely do the same.  If you handle it in a controlled fashion, then the umpires are more likely to talk to you.  It is funny to me how everyone thinks that they have a better seat in the stands to call balls and strikes than for the guy who is right behind the plate.  This is also to say that there are times when they do have awful calls or zones. 

When we have our parents meetings, I always make the point that players play, coaches coach, and umpires umpire.  Everyone has a job to do and we should let these people do their jobs.  Funny thing is, I have never seen a umpire belittle a player for making an error.  Yet you routinely see and hear coaches and parents ride the umpires for mistakes made on the field.  I have no problems with umpires who after the play is over admit that they mistakes.  They are people too and will make mistakes on the field. 

We did have a terrible home plate umpire two years ago out at Frank White.  It got to the point where both coaches went and got the TD so he could see the mistakes that were being made. 

Re: Bad Umps
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2015, 10:18:52 AM »
Our coach sends out a team hand book in it is a code of conduct for players coaches and parents.

Players are to be good sports win or lose and accept coaching.

Parents are not to coach kids during the game that is the coaches job.

Parents are not to get on the umpires about calls if there is a problem with calls let the coaches handle it.

Coaches are to act as good sports win or lose and if need be get explanations of calls.

Now with that said our coach has no problem asking for explanations he does not get upset and yell he just talks.

For the most part he has the respect of the umpires because he treats them with respect.

We did have an issue with a pair of umpires a few weeks ago, in our Friday game we had a player get caught in a rundown
he headed back to 3rd the catcher threw to ball to third so our player turned to go home the catcher had ran with him back to
3rd and when our player turned to run back to home he ran into the catcher and was knocked down the pitcher who had moved to home catches the ball
and tags him out while he is laying on the ground.

Our coach asked the home plate umpire for and explanation as to why it was not obstruction the umpire said
he did not see the play and he should expect 2 umpires to see everything.

Now we go to Saturday we are on the same field with the same umpires same one behind the plate.

They call the coaches to home plate to go over ground rules and such after that the coaches shake hands and go to walk away
he stops our coach and says we don't want any questioning of our calls by you or your other coach.

Our coach just shakes his head and walks away.

First inning we come up in the bottom of the inning and first 2 batters our out on ground balls the next player comes up and gets called out at first
it's a close play our first base coach gives the safe single at the same time the umpire calls safe, the home plate umpire stops him as he is heading back
to the dugout and tells him not to do that again or he out of the game.

The next inning the other teams coaches question them on a call and one of them gets real loud the others calm him down and the game goes on.

A couple of innings later we have a runner called out at 3rd by the infield umpire everyone on our side of the field see the 3rd baseman drop the ball
our head coach is coaching 3rd and says the balls on the ground the home plate umpires says he out at 3rd and to take the field.

Then he tells our scorekeeper that our coaches are about to get kicked out of the game she says what about the other teams coaches they are yelling and screamming
about all the calls too.

He said and I quote because I was setting right there "Yes but I remember your team from last night"

Yep we went on to lose that game but we came back in bracket play and finished 2nd.

Re: Bad Umps
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2015, 10:42:14 AM »
I agree with BallCoach, nothing to gain by arguing with an umpire. Sometimes, the heat of the moment gets the best of you, but you have to step back and realize this is youth baseball. We play 10 AAA and it is competitive, everyone wants to win. But what are we really teaching the kids? I have told our kids repeatedly, not one play, or one call, will determine the outcome of a game. If the game comes down to one play or call in the last inning, we didn't do enough in the previous innings to deserve the win. Every game, we have 18 outs to produce enough runs to win, and we have chances to make the 18 outs in the field. Never will one play swing the game so heavily against us that we get the right to take it out on the umpires.

You will find there is generally a certain "quality" of umpires based on who is running the tournament. Make mental notes, and play in tournaments run by those companies as often as possible. There are a lot of good umpires out there, and the tournament companies willing to pay the good ones, will put out the best umpires for your games.

Bottom line, if you repeatedly think you have bad umpires, stop and take a look in the mirror.

Do you understand the rules as well as you think you do? As much as we think we do, there are a lot of nuances in the rule book, and many of us misapply the rule we think we know.

Have you ever been an umpire? Maybe some experience wearing the blue will help you understand how difficult it really is.

Think of a bad call as on opportunity to teach the kids how to overcome adversity. Trying to overcome adversity for your players by arguing with an umpire (in hopes the call is overturned) doesn't help them deal with adversity and overcome it.

Remember your purposes as a coach. It is not to have a 50-0 record. It is to be a role model, to be a leader, to bring them together as friends and teammates. Yes, you teach baseball in the process, but that is the mechanism, not the purpose.
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Re: Bad Umps
« Reply #4 on: May 13, 2015, 07:55:15 AM »
I agree there is really nothing to gain by arguing with the ump, but I also feel that your team needs to know you have their back.  You wouldn't let some guy push your kids around in the parking lot, why let it happen in a game?  Now before you jump all over that comment, I am talking about walking out and asking clarification on a bad call, not yelling "YOU SUCK!" from the dugout.

The reason I started this post was based on a situation similar to Tony's, where we were on the losing end of several calls in two separate games, that were so blatantly wrong and one sided that I began to wonder if the ump had an issue with me?  Our team team?  Where we were from?   
I understand that everything happens fast and no one is perfect, but they are getting paid and if I screw up at my job, I certainly hear about it and I try and do a better job next time.  Sadly, I feel like a lot of the umps at youth games are there for a little extra cash in their pocket and could not care less about the job they are doing. 

We actually had an ump turn to the fans during one game when he blew a call and say, "Sorry, I don't know all the rules", why is this guy behind the plate?  I am not sure about all the leagues, but I know is some "competitive" leagues, umpire training is actually umpire orientation, there are not tests or exams, sign up, get your gear, see you on Wednesday.  I think the kids deserve better than this!  Some leagues charge over $2,000 for league play, does all that money go to field maintenance??

Re: Bad Umps
« Reply #5 on: May 27, 2015, 12:39:36 PM »
My big complain is that those UMPS are getting payed to ump, if mistakes gets blown off that they make all the time, then you put a good example to the kids that it is ok that you make mistakes in your job. If they was voluntary it is different, what happens when you keep making mistakes at your normal job, after a while they get fed up and you get fired, so if they wanna ump for extra income, they need to do it properly and try not to make mistakes all the time. 1-2 mistakes by a ump is acceptable, but when he goes behind a plate or in the infield and just about every call is a bad one, that ain't acceptable.

Re: Bad Umps
« Reply #6 on: June 01, 2015, 10:49:00 AM »
We had another bad call on an easy rule at at tournament on Sunday.  1 out, runners on 1st and 2nd, popfly to the second baseman, he sets up and then loses it in the sun, it lands right in front of him and all runners are safe.  I call time and ask the homeplate ump if that was an infield fly, he tells me it isn't his call, he brings in the field ump who tells me that the second baseman wasn't camped out under it so it wasn't an infield fly.  I told the field ump that the requirement was ordinary effort and since it almost hit him, the average fielder using ordinary effort would have caught the ball, he disagrees and says call stands because he wasn't camped out under it and I needed to go back to the dugout.
I asked the field manager later and he told me he was sorry and that his crew had blown the call, but he would talk to them.  I said OK and moved on.