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Maple Woods Sports Training Center Club Teams
« on: March 07, 2015, 01:41:36 AM »
Coaches, Parents, & Players

​Maple Woods Sports Training Center (MWSTC) is excited to announce a new club team program for competitive teams & players.  Our program is designed to provide quality instruction & exceptional facilities at an affordable price.  Our focus is on preparing middle school players/teams for high school baseball and developing high school players/teams into potential college prospects.  We also offer programs to help develop younger players/teams into more competitive players/programs.

 We want to focus on quality baseball instruction, maximize facility availability, and focus on the quality of club teams not quantity. To assure there is plenty of time and space available at the training center, we will be limiting the program to 8 or 10 teams.  MWSTC has a 10,000 square foot indoor baseball training center with 5 retractable hitting tunnels, 4 Iron Mike pitching machines, and 3 pitching mounds, which allow us to provide training and instruction year round. We are currently planning the construction of a new outdoor practice field.  Our club team programs target competitive baseball players & teams who want to compete at a higher level. The foundation of a Maple Woods Club Teams is dedication, hard work, respect, and a love for the game of baseball. We offer college level training to players, the resources & assistance of a current college head coach, and great facilities to take improve their skills. They will learn the philosophy behind of the game of baseball as well as different strategies to the game.  Our program believes to advance a player to the next level, they not only need skills & talent, but the understanding of the entire game. 

Current club teams and future club teams we are looking to add in the upcoming seasons.


We currently have a 15U freshman team & a 12U team for the 2015 Spring/Summer season.
We are looking to expand our teams for the fall and 2016 Spring/Summer seasons.  We encourage currently formed teams to contact us regarding our program since the number of teams in the program will be limited.  We have flexible plans that can be customized based on your teamís needs.


Chris Majors                     
Club Team Coordinator               
Maple Woods Sports Training Center
Phone: 816-604-3500

Marty Kilgore
MWSTC Manager
Head Coach Maple Woods Monarchs 

Email: Marty.Kilgore@MCCKC.EDU
Phone: 816-604-3500

What does it take to be a MWSTC Monarchs player or Club Team?

We are looking for players that work hard, show good teamwork and who want to play at the next level.

We look for talented players who want to take their skills to the next level, demonstrate hustle, good teamwork, and want to learn & understand all the aspects of the game.

​What does the program cost?

All of our Club Team Programs are customized based on the needs and wants of the teams.  We have flexible plans for established teams.  Teams who already have coaches and our looking for guidance from the Maple Woods Coaching Staff and use of equipment are different from Club Teams which are formed from individual players looking for a team.  A newly formed team may require us to find a qualified coach which will need to be compensated for their time involved. Therefore we offer a customized program and strive to ensure every player has the opportunity to receive high quality instruction at a reasonable cost.  The program costs are divided into monthly club dues which vary depending on if it is the Spring/Summer or Fall Seasons.

The MWSTC Club Team programs can be customized to include:

Indoor facility rentals for workouts during winter, early spring, and on inclement weather days

MWSTC membership for individual work during the season at the training center
(During off peak hrs & open areas available during peak times)

Uniforms (2 pair of pants, two hats, belt, socks and a pullover. MWSTC will provide the use of 2 jerseys which must be returned at the end of the season)

Tournament costs which are based on the number of tournaments you desire to play in

Spring/Summer Competitive League fees if desired.

Coaching consult and/or assistance from Maple Woods Monarchs staff & college players to develop practice plans and/or drills.

Individual and/or Group lesson packages by MWSTC instructors

Team Insurance

Practice fields if needed

Email the Club Team Coordinator at MWSTC@MCCKC.EDU for more information about your teams customized program.

Are you a coach without a team and interested in coaching a MWSTC Club Team?

​Please contact Marty Kilgore, Maple Woods Community College Head Baseball Coach, at Marty.Kilgore@MCCKC.EDU. Please provide what age group you desire, references, and any qualifications/experience you have.  All prospective MWSTC Club team Coaches will go through a thorough screening process to ensure there coaching philosophy follows that of MWSTC.

​​If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our program contact the MWSTC Club Team Coordinator at MWSTC@MCCKC.EDU