2014 WSA WORLD SERIES - Lee's Summit, MO

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2014 WSA WORLD SERIES - Lee's Summit, MO
« on: February 28, 2014, 08:17:08 AM »
2014 WSA World Series - Lee's Summit, MO

World Series of America would like to invite you to the 2014 WSA World Series located in Lee's Summit, MO on July 8th 13th. This event will be held at Legacy Park.


Our website address is: www.worldseriesofamerica.com


5 Game Guarantee. Teams will play 3 pool games with double elimination bracket play.
(AAA & MAJOR) will be combined for pool and bracket play in 9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U
(A & AA) will be combined for pool and bracket play in 9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U

Age groups:
7U & 8U Machine Pitch
8U (KP), 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U

Divisions & Pricing:
7U (MP) 8U (MP & KP) $450.00
  9U 10U $495.00
11U 12U $495.00
13U 14U $525.00
15U 16U $595.00 (4GG)
Above prices are based on a paid early entry discount, good until March 31, 2014.  Prices will increase $100.00 on April 1, 2014
Please contact me or visit our website for more details.
(816) 606-2046
Click on below link to go to WSA website:

"WHO'S COMING" as of 4/7/2014
Please submit a "Request a Spot" to reserve your team a spot for the 2014 WSA World Series. Last year's event sold-out.

7U Machine Pitch

  7U  Diamond Stars
  7U  Arkansas Express
  7U  KC Storm
  7U  KC Tigers
  7U  Yankees
  7U  KC Royals
  7U  Strike Zone Dirty Dozen
  7U  Oklahoma Reds Baseball
  7U  Oklahoma City Rage
8U Machine Pitch
  8U  KC Dirt Dogs
  8U  Kansas Bulldogs West
  8U  Panthers
  8U  KC Monarchs
  8U  Excelsior Springs Tigers
  8U  KC A's
  8U  Blue Springs Diamondbacks
  8U  Blue Springs Indians
  8U  KC Clutch
  8U  Blue Sox
  8U  Camm Construction Storm
  8U  KC Sox
  8U  Bucks
  8U  Turn 2
  8U  Oklahoma Senators

8U Kid Pitch
  8U  Rico Knights
  8U  Arkansas Express
  8U  Minsky's Orioles
  8U  Arkansas Express (Wehunt)
  8U  Kansas Bulldogs
  9U  Lee's Summit Sluggers
  9U  KC Storm
  9U  Building Champions Jackson Co Bandits
  9U  Lee's Summit Force
  9U  Oklahoma Tigers
  9U  Arkansas Express
  9U  Mac-N-Seitz Indians
  9U  Regal Athletic Sluggers
  9U  Natural Baseball Academy (Hicks)
  9U  Blue Valley Gators
  9U  Natural Baseball Academy (Smith)
  9U  Five-Four Baseball
  9U  Missouri Diamondbacks
  9U  SWMO Twisters
  9U  KC Pride Baseball
  9U  Oklahoma Astros
  9U  Hurricanes
10U  Arkansas Express
10U  St. Louis Crew
10U  Arkansas Express (Berens)
10U  Building Champions (Heinzman)
10U  Arkansas Easton Elite
10U  FCS Warriors
10U  Natural Baseball Academy
10U  Cobras
10U  KSA Bombers
11U  Quad City Hitmen - Blue
11U  BC KC Rawlings Prospects
11U  Arkansas Express
11U  Lee's Summit Mudcats
11U  Strike Zone Lightning
11U  Kansas Bulldogs West
11U  Stingers
11U  Dodgers
11U  NW Arkansas Blaze
11U  Lee's Summit Angels
11U  Mac-n-Seitz Indians
11U  Building Champions Thunder
11U  KC Scouts
11U  Lee's Summit Copperheads
11U  LS Pirates
12U  Impact Express
12U  KC Naturals - Blue
12U  Arkansas Express (Schilling)
12U  Blue Springs Monarchs
12U  Building Champions
12U  Arkansas Express (Karnes)
12U  Sedalia Bandits
12U  KC Dotte Royals
12U  Mission Angels
12U  Team Combat KC
12U  Kansas Angels
12U  LumberKings
12U  Legends
12U  KC Scouts
12U  Titans Baseball Club
12U  Dexter Dragons
12U  Oklahoma Stroke
12U  KCSC (Bates)
12U  Building Champions (Gronek)
12U  Oklahoma Wolves
12U  Primetime Athletics [OK]
13U  Mac-n-Seitz Red Sox
13U  Lincoln Blackhawks
13U  St. Louis Redbirds Elite
13U  Building Champions (Shafer)
13U  St. Louis Redbirds Elite - Blue
13U  KC Elite Bandits
13U  Arkansas Express (Cardona)
13U  KC Cobras
13U  Arkansas Express (Ryer)
13U  KC Elite - Silver
13U  Kansas Braves
13U  River City Dirtbags - Gold
13U  Lee's Summit Yard Dawgs
13U  Omaha Cardinals
13U  Prodigy (Bragg)
13U  Natural Baseball Academy
13U  Damage Inc.
13U  Bentonville Wild Hawgs  [AR]
13U  Owasso Rams  [OK]
13U  Commotion Baseball
13U  Advanced Baseball Academy (Elms)
13U  Regal Rampage
13U  BullDawgs
13U  Blue Springs Hawks
13U  Building Champions (Arthur)
13U  Cedar Rapids Reds [IA]
13U  Storm
13U  Expos
13U  Regal Athletic Rebels
14U  Blue Springs Elks
14U  Team Force
14U  KC Elite - Blue
14U  Mac-n-Seitz Red Sox
14U  BC KC Rawlings Prospects (Caley)
14U  St. Louis Redbirds Premier
14U  Mac-n-Seitz Indians
14U  Storm Baseball
14U  Mission Angels
14U  Arkansas Express 13's
14U  Blue Springs Bombers
14U  Central Arkansas Southern Tees
14U  Legends
14U  Paola Panthers
14U  Building Champions (Anderlik)
14U  Oklahoma Fuel - Blue
14U  Gladiators
14U  ABS Smoke
14U  Oklahoma Legacy Sluggers
15U  SS Renegades
15U  Arkansas Express
16U  Arkansas Express


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Re: 2014 WSA WORLD SERIES - Lee's Summit, MO
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Our team played in this event last year and it was very disappointing. There were a lot of promises that were not kept such as, Opening ceremonies for the kids (no pin trading)- we were told just to pin trade when we could, no dragging/prepping of fields during the day. We were told there were going to be all of these teams from out of town and that they would have full divisions, only to get there and find out divisions were combined and the out of town teams never showed. This is just another tournament and you pay double for it. I would not recommend this tournament for those thinking about it. A lot of the teams that played last year felt the same way.

Re: 2014 WSA WORLD SERIES - Lee's Summit, MO
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I would agree with Stix, but I would add one additional note. This seems to be the case with all tournaments at Legacy from my experiences.

Specific complaints include:

*No split gold and silver brackets as promised.  
*No field maintenance (drag) between games as promised
*x2 on the travel teams not showing-last year teams were penciled in then at last minutes loads of team cencelling after we already paid
*Pin trading an opening ceremonies were just kind of scrapped. This is a big issue as teams spend hundreds of dollars for pins and need some type of official function to trade them. There is not time before or after games
*Not having new game balls for several games as well. We supplied our own the 1st 2 days
*Pool structure to make sure every parent/family member pay gate fees everyday.
*Inexperienced umpires having trouble making calls and keeping control of the field (Im sure there are a lot of good umps at this event but the two we had for most of our games were knuckleheads)

Maybe this year will be better?
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Re: 2014 WSA WORLD SERIES - Lee's Summit, MO
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Agreed 100%...also if you played on the lower level they had no bathrooms at all for 4 baseball fields going all day. You had to walk to the top. This year we will be going to Liberty. You have to make an impression in this business. BASEBALLS were junk and any coach coaching could see that. Both teams at one point agreed to switch balls but umpire would not allow.

Re: 2014 WSA WORLD SERIES - Lee's Summit, MO
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I coach a 9AA team and was considering this tournament but I have heard alot of bad comments outside of this chain as well about this WS.

Is anyother AA teams considering going to Omaha instead for there USSSA WS and if so have you heard any comments from that good or bad?

Re: 2014 WSA WORLD SERIES - Lee's Summit, MO
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2014, 02:44:15 PM »
I have to say.  In spite of the negative reviews here, our team participated in this tournament.  I think it was a mistake.  The bottom level concession stand closed early daily.  So if you were the late games, you had to go up to the top.  MANY of the umpires were questionable at best.  They didn't know rules, etc.  The scheduling was not great.  Some teams had double headers, some had to come down for 1 game per day. (Likely to push daily entry fees)  The lack of opening ceremonies, etc is not good.  The players were trying to trade pins before and after games.  To me, it took away from the whole experience.  Now...they did drag the fields after some of the games....I would not recomend participating in this tournament again.  Lesson learned!

Re: 2014 WSA WORLD SERIES - Lee's Summit, MO
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This year was the 2nd time we participated in this tournament and it will be our last. We are an 11u AA team and there were some issues that they could have fixed/made right but didn't. We had an 11u A team from Kansas (0-10 in USSSA play) in our division that brought in 7 AAA/major players to stack their roster. These kids all played league ball in Lee's Summit so everyone knew them and who they actually played for. Of course they went on to win it all...undefeated. After our game with this team I brought it up to the tournament director. He told me it is ok to bring in players but they should be A/AA players and that he would talk to the coach. He wished he had time to check everyones roster but it just cant happen. Bracket play starts and no changes. He is using the same kids. I talked with another team and they were told by the director that he didn't find out until too late. I call BS because the director knew after the 1st pool game. You want to stack your roster because your kids did not play to your expectations...great then play to the level of talent you brought in. I am just glad we were a local team and didn't travel from Oklahoma or Arkansas for this to happen to us.