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BC East 10u
« on: February 03, 2014, 10:24:05 AM »
Looking for 2 players to complete our roster.

It is nice to win games, however at age 10 the focus should be on developing fundamental skills and enjoying the game. Our players have a defined list of fundamental skills/knowledge that they are accountable to learn. We use ongoing video analysis to assist players in their development. Every player will have ongoing professional lessons. Every practice will be organized to maximize player's ability to work on fundamental skills. Learning how to handle the mental game of baseball is probably the biggest challenge a player has, so every player will be provided with a copy of the book "Play Big" by Tom Hanson and coaches/parents will consistently teach how to develop the mental game. Players will enjoy playing baseball because they know what to do and how to do it. 

Players will be able to take great pride in knowing that they paid for the cost of playing on the team themselves. We are developing boys who play baseball not baseball players who are boys. Players will also have the ability to earn up to an additional $300 to purchase personal equipment of their choice (Bat, glove, etc) after covering team fees.

Virtually all problems in youth baseball originate with the adults, not the children. Having already passed up on a few good players, we are selective in the families we choose to associate with. Two practices a week and 30-40 games between now and July means we will be spending some time together, so we want to make sure everyone is a good fit.

Likely playing league in Blue Springs, possibly Lee's Summit and 5-6 local tournaments. Currently practicing indoors at Building Champions East on Saturdays 7-9am. Yes it is early but our weekends are not compromised by baseball, at least not yet.

Rob Heinzman