Catcher Specific Training & Conditioning: 16-Week Strength Program

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Wasserman Strength in New England has developed a 16 week training program specifically for catchers! It is available as a 85 page e-book comprised of exercises focusing on 4 key areas:
  • Mobility & Movement Training,
  • Stabilization
  • Training, Strength & Power Development,
  • Injury Prevention & Tissue Quality

This is an excellent book with program details, guidelines & rules, needs analysis, terminology, workout sheets as well as images & complete descriptions of how to perform each exercise in each phase. It is broken down into a two-day-per-week, 16 week program and is a must for the serious catcher. (Especially those wishing to catch in H/S and college)

Click on  Catcher Specific Training: 16-Week Strength Program to purchase. Normally $39.99, use ACC's discount code ACC2012 to receive 25% off.
-Chaz @ ACC

While links don't always translate, contact Chaz at for more information and links.
I work with boys and girls ages 8 through college interested in improving their catching skills and better understand the catcher position. Our catchers are proficient in all catching skills and excel in receiving and blocking.