Midwest Scouts College Prep

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Midwest Scouts College Prep
« on: December 07, 2020, 09:57:01 AM »
Midwest Scouts College Prep is looking for all Positions, [/size]especially Catchers, and Outfielders[/color][/size] .  Pitchers are always welcome as well.  In the Summer we try to play Showcases only.  In the Fall we travel in a 6 State area on the weekends actually playing the colleges in front of the college coaching staff.  Our Goal, is to assist our Athletes in getting Scholarship offers.  We feel we have a program that has been successful in doing just that in over the last ten years we have had over 160 High School Seniors receive and or accept a College Scholarship.  We know our program isn't right for everyone, but if you would like more information about our program, and or to schedule a private tryout contact us at swingdyn@everestkc.net, or 913-375-3809, 913-488-2044[/color]
David Wooten
Assistant General Manager