13AAA Iron Pigs Tryouts - 2020 season

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13AAA Iron Pigs Tryouts - 2020 season
« on: June 11, 2019, 09:38:31 AM »
The 2020 13AAA Iron Pigs are beginning tryouts for the 13AAA season.   We are primarily located in Northeast Johnson County, but have players on the team from other areas.

Our goal is to prepare the boys for high school baseball.
  To do that, we will teach the boys the fundamentals of baseball (coaching staff has college playing experience) and provide an opportunity to compete at a high level (will play at the AAA+ level). 

However, for the boys to really progress and improve, they have to be willing to put in the work on their own.
   Good teams, whether it is a club or independent teams, have a group of boys who work at getting better.  The club affiliation does not make the player.  We are looking for boys who are willing to put in the work outside of practice and who want to compete at a high level.   

We are also looking for boys who pitch.
  Some teams try to cover a lack of pitching depth by using 2 good pitchers who end up pitching well over 100+ pitches over a weekend tournament.   We do not do this.    I am sure this has cost us some wins, but our pitching decisions have always been, and always will be, based on pitch counts, not innings pitched.

As far as coaching philosophies, we expect the boys to work hard in and out of practice, but the games belong to the boys.

If you are interested in a tryout, please feel free to reach me at 913-707-8666 or jonclayton2000@yahoo.com.
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Re: 13AAA Iron Pigs Tryouts - 2020 season
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We are looking for one player to join our team.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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