11U AAA Ks Chaos looking for 1 player

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11U AAA Ks Chaos looking for 1 player
« on: May 13, 2019, 12:43:39 PM »
11U AAA team based out of Iola Ks looking for 1 more player to finish out the season with potential to remain full time.  We have 4 more spring tournaments in the KC area and then State.  Recently bumped to AAA, planned to attend Dallas AA World Series, will decide on sticking with Dallas AAA after a couple tournaments.  We play a couple fall tournaments as well.  Pure tournament team/don't have mandatory "team" practices after the tournament schedule kicks off.  We have 5 players from Iola - 4 others are from up to an hour away.  Not looking for just pitchers/catchers/etc...looking for a well rounded AAA skill set as our whole team can play any position at a high level now; just want the comfort of having that 10th guy at all times.