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11U / 11U AAA Ks Chaos looking for 1 player
« on: May 13, 2019, 12:43:39 PM »
11U AAA team based out of Iola Ks looking for 1 more player to finish out the season with potential to remain full time.  We have 4 more spring tournaments in the KC area and then State.  Recently bumped to AAA, planned to attend Dallas AA World Series, will decide on sticking with Dallas AAA after a couple tournaments.  We play a couple fall tournaments as well.  Pure tournament team/don't have mandatory "team" practices after the tournament schedule kicks off.  We have 5 players from Iola - 4 others are from up to an hour away.  Not looking for just pitchers/catchers/etc...looking for a well rounded AAA skill set as our whole team can play any position at a high level now; just want the comfort of having that 10th guy at all times. 

10U / Mustang Baseball Club 10U-AA
« on: December 11, 2017, 01:12:25 PM »
Mustang Baseball Club 10U out of Iola Ks (about an hour and 20mins south of Olathe/Overland Park) is looking to add a couple players.  Won State in 8U two yrs ago, finished fifth in last season's 9UAA tourney (finished season ranked first).  We finished 3rd in Oklahoma's 10U fall State tournament last month.  Needing to round out the team with 2 players who are AA ready...will play tournaments every other weekend April -July and usually play a couple round robin style scrimmages in between...cost friendly compared to KC area clubs.  Willing to take on players out of the area if they can commit to being at 1 practice a week once season starts.  Hopefully needing 2 players could help in a carpool situation if called for as well.

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